ESP32-CAM-MB USB Programmer / 2$ / esp32-mjpeg-multiclient-espcam-drivers

hi folks ! 😉

no worry, more “hi-fi” is coming in the next weeks but found today by chance this little thing->ESP32-CAM-MB USB Programmer !

should save the trouble in connecting the ESP32-cam-board via a ftdi-programmer (Essabre-Link here-> and reset/uploading a sketch/put in flashing-mode..

u can get them everywhere on ebay or aliexpress for example-> (guess 2$/6$ with ESP32Cam-board)

Nice tutorial in using it is again on “”->

and also nice tutorial again to install the Arduino-IDE + the esp32-packages->

UPDATE: had problems in streaming with the “normal” “ESP32-cam-webserver”-.ino  in the Arduino-IDE examples-folder to more than 1 client->this library (rtos-based) should do the trick (up to 10 devices)->

Full story here->


so, many greets for now and as said more “hi-fi” / ES90xx/Pro -things are coming again in the next weeks !! 😉 

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