(Audio-) Introduction

This site is all about the cheap Chinese-ES Sabre Boards + a lot of information about the Raspberry Pi, the Pi itself, Pi-Audio-Distros and so on..

Also a lot of informations about USB-Bridges like XMOS-XU208, Anamero Combo Bridges and so on..

Its all about to get the best Hi-Fi out of a Raspberry Pi respective these Chinese ES Sabre-Boards !!

(Update 02/2018: and lately a lot of DIY-„Arduino/Bluepill“-things; all in favor (in the

way) of building „our“ own DIY-DAC !! ūüėČ )

(Update 05/2019:¬†and lately a lot of „Op-Amp„-tests + a lot of other hifi-gear; all in favor (to get better) real Hi-Fi !! ūüėČ )