Little update: ES9038Pro / SMPCB v1.07 better than Skysong ES9038Q2M / new ES9068AS

so, 😉

a little update:

re-checked a few days ago these “SMPCB 1.07″ (Green) against the Skysong ES9038Q2M and for me, the “SMPCP v1.07” has a much better sound/tune than the Skysong-board: more crispy + dynamic (IMHO)..

by that, as we are now “through” with the ES9038Q2M, the next step will be a ES9038Pro (or ES9068AS, see at the bottom) 😉 (the “balanced” output-options are also very interesting..)

also i´ve heard some new AKM4495 in a high-end headphone-amp surrounding (by a friend), and for me these “velvet-sound”-(branding) from these AKM-chips is for me (as ESSabre-“enthusiast”) still “hearable”/present, although these two approaches (Sabre+AKM) are coming more and more close to each other the more “high-end” they come..very close meanwhile..

(update: SMSL-8U (ES9068AS-chipset)-review-> ->” put it shortly, it sounds very good considering its price. A trained ear will quickly recognize that quick and sharp Sabre sound signature. Highs are bright and airy, mid-range is clean and informative, emphasizing crisp edges and transients“)

so, found by chance some ES9038Pro-“implementation” in a SMSL-SU-9 (450$) (see pictures, audioscene-review is here-> ) 😉

they “measured” it at a very high (they called it “Sinad”) point with 121db (SNR)->” is my pleasure to highly recommend the SMSL SU-9. Great job.”

point is, that u also see, that these dual DC is absolutely “uber-important” + by that the SU-9N uses the xmos216 + theres also a “new” ES9068AS on the market, for example in some Topping E50-> , also with some “CPLD” jitter reduction (guess its a hardware-solution like in the Chord-Mojo (FPGA) for example)

will have to check out the difference (and price) to an ES9038Pro and if this chipset (ES9068AS) will also being implemented on some cheap chinese-boards..we will look  for it 😉 ->”A18 (AK4499) vs X16 (ES9068AS)-“shootout” is here->

so, and as we´ve learned soo much about the right power-supply-chain and i2s-hdmi-connection-things and and and 😉 , we can just sit back and relax and wait for the new cheap chinese-essabre-boards to come out 😉 ..

many greets for now ! 😉

Happy New Year !! ;-) / momentary “gear” / nothing new / I2S over hdmi far better than via spdif

Hi there !! 😉

first, Happy New Year !! 😉

second: unfortunately absolutely no news from here 😉 ..i´m “stuck” at present to find the right toroidal transformer + the right rectifier for it (Dual DC +-15V) (as written here a thousand times) (btw. “burnt” meanwhile 2 rectifier + 1 Philips power-board + 1 ES9038Q2M-board ;-(  (so, be careful 😉 ) 

and because its always the same here lately, i just want to wish you a happy new year !! 😉

hope i´ll get something more interesting in future about this whole DIY-DAC-thing + ESSabre-boards !! 😉 

(some quick and dirty pics (only for happy new year) ->Sony BDP-7200->HDMI->HDMI-extractor->I2S over hdmi receiver->I2S->Skysong ES9038Q2M (only single 12V at present)..(+but after connecting it via I2S its really really far better than the normal spdif/coax-line from the Sony BDP7200)..

many greets !! 😉