Skysong ES9038Q2M / very handy..

so, 😉

finally (and last for this), the Skysong ES9038Q2M with display and voltage-poti arrived today (see post before)-> ->

meanwhile i can´t determine exactly the differences between the ES9038Q2Ms like this Skysong and some green SMPCB V1.07, cause they “sound” almost exactly the same (maybe these Skysongs are a little bit more “warm” and not so “crispy” like the SMPCB-versions of it (its the same with the Skysong-XMOS-Bridge) , but can´t say this for absolutely sure..

anyway, a real improvement in sound/SQ on these boards is to use a dual-DC -power-supply chain (with +-15V !!) (also see posts before), i would tell it like so (and come to an end with these ES9038Q2M-chinese-boards) (but its very “speculative”, only some guess/feel by myself 😉 ):

  1. 100% -> SMPCB V1.07 (Green) with Dual-DC +-15V
  2. 98%    ->Skysong ES9038Q2M with Dual-DC +-15V
  3. 82%    ->both boards with Dual DC +-12V
  4. 72%    ->SMPCB V1.07 (Green) with single 12V/15V
  5. 70% 😉 ->Skysong ES9038Q2M with single 12V/15V
  6. 68%     -> “Blue” ES9038Q2M with single 12V/15V

but as said, very “speculative” 😉

by that these new Skysong ES9038Q2M with the display, volume-poti and possibility to “control” it via some cheap (3$) Apple-TV-remote is very “handy” usability-wise; very nice to adjust the volume on the board too (its a “hardware”-volume mixer (bit-wise)) and has very little impact on the sound-quality, almost nothing..(by that i can finally change the different filter-types “on the fly”, will maybe post a little bit more of it) as originally wanted here on the site..

so again, sorry about it, but i guess thats the final post concerning the differences on these ES9038Q2Ms, maybe we´ll get some ES9038 Pro in future 😉 ,

greets for now 😉

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  • Hi,
    I have a problem with the Skysong ES9038Q2M. I can’t play DSD, when I turn on DSD I have NLOCK on the display. I have the Sky Song connected via I2S with this interface: Can you any idea why I can’t play? Audio interface I heve connected to RPi with Moode. Moode is properly configured. I tried different settings but all the time nothing.

    • hi there !! (first, sorry for not answering earlier)
      okay, please send again the link from the i2s-interface/usb-bridge, cause so i couldnt see the item, the link contains only YOUR order-id..
      normally i would say, simply as that, please re-check your i2s-connection, cable and solder-wise..i had it here again and again, u have to solder the i2s-line very exactly and solid..thats often a great problem and then u get often a “NOLOCK”, simple as this..
      but as said, it would be better if u can send a better link to your i2s-“interface”, many greets from here !! 😉

  • Hi,
    I waited a long time, but finally I have the Skysong XMOS-USB-Bridge, the problem with DSD playing still remains. I have an RPi with Volumio with Skysong XMOS-USB-Bridge and Skysong ES9038Q2M. Volumio settings are: DSD direct and no mixer. Can you play DSD files in this configuration? Do you have DSDOE output from Skysong XMOS-USB-Bridge connected to the Skysong ES9038Q2M?

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