Drop of the day/week: Zorloo Zuperdac-s ES9018Q2C / only 40$ (with essabre-bonus only 30$ !!)

so folks, 😉

sorry that there were lately not so many news here on essabre, but no worry, i still plan to buy some toroidal transformer; by that i got an old SONY MDS-JE 520 MD-player/defect and first thought to use it as a case for a combined raspberry pi (as lan-player) + ES9038Q2M + XMOS-bridge + ESP32/Arduino (display-wise); maybe in the „long-term“ 😉 ..

but first a really,really interesting drop !! :

Zorloo ZuperDAC-S (ES9018Q2C)(40$ !!)

Zorloo ZuperDAC-S with an ES9018Q2C for only 40$ (if you first join massdrop via these essabre-links (LINK) or right in some widget(„Xavier), u got 10$ „start-bonus“ and you will get this for only 30$ !!)

(other specs: 120 db SNR, Volume control: Integrated, 16 steps, works independently from host (last setting is stored)

by that, a few months ago i also planned to buy SMSL Idea (Sabaj DA2) , they are meanwhile also only at 59$ i guess; they are btw. with the same ES9018Q2C..

anyway, maybe its worth to give it a try/shot !! 😉 (and it would be super nice, if someone here or at the forum could write a review and post it !!)

so stay tuned for now, more things definitively to come,

many greets !! 😉

(and sorry for the color-choice of some text, wordpress changed to „block-mode“ 😉 , and i have to learn/work on it 😉 )


New XMOS-USB audio driver (V4.47) / SMSL 8A V3 / Winbond W25Q64 (Qxx) Arduino/ESP32S SPIflash

so, 😉
there´s apparently a new XMOS-USB audio driver, V4.47 (Link) (08-06-2018) out; found it first by reading some reviews for the Sabaj DA3 (->https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=ktk1k2hchrlfmloktc0k3c5og0&topic=152638.340 ) and yesterday at an Audiophonics-Ad concerning the new SMSL 8A V3->https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-without-volume/smsl-m8a-v3-usb-dac-es9038q2m-32bit-768khz-dsd-xmos-xu208-p-12934.html and also directly at Theyscon->current release : V4.47..
by that there´s also a new V4.41 from Thesycon/Jlsounds->Link forum..)
also the new SMSL 8A V3 has a „2nd generation XU208“ (259€)->

by that i´ve bought some new „Winbond W25Q64“ (64Mbit/8MByte) SPI-„serial flash-memory“ (only 1,29$ par example->Aliexpress) to use it maybe on an Arduino to display some graphics on the TFT-display and because the Arduino by example has a very low ram-amount (32kB !!) i wanted to extend the memory to store some data for the bitmaps..

On an ESP32S its not soo critical (4MB); u can store the bitmaps in the SPIFFS-subsystem but anyway i didnt find a „SPI-flash“-library for the ESP32S and the Arduino in general !! searched thousand hours on google and yesterday i found per chance this SPI-flash/library/tools on „RinkyDinkElectronics“->Link, the same guy who made this beautiful UTFT-library !! and which i used before ! 😉 ->Library : SPIflash

connected and it runs fabulously 😉

and hooray !! 😉 , i´ve finally ordered an „ES9038Q2M“-„Green“ V1.07, (i have a „Blue“-one here) to check finally out if there´s a „shitty“ PCB/components-problem on the „Blue“ or if they sound the same..

by that, next OP-Amp will be the „OPA627„(AU)->“The Bugatti Veyron on the Op-Amps“ 😉

many greets and more to come !! 😉



Massdrop: SMSL IQ Portable DAC/Amp ES9018Q2C + Sabaj DA3 (2*9018Q2C)

so, 😉
no worry about the ES9038Q2M 😉 there are new ES Sabre-audio-chips on the way/in the pipe.. 😉
and because this is an audiophile-site i present here some (mobile-)DACs from time to time..->http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/category/dacs/
came by chance about this thing on Massdrop->https://www.massdrop.com/buy/smsl-iq-portable-dac-amp..


cost only 109$ (88€ !!) but is shipped not before March 8, 2018 !!
the specs are looking great:
Dynamic range: 125 dB
Frequency response: 10 Hz–100 kHz
THD + N: 0.0003%
SNR: 118 dB
Bit depth: 16, 24, 32, 1 bit
Sampling rate: PCM (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384, 705.6, 768 kHz); DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512

and according to this pictures/links it has 2 !! ES9018Q2C-chips onboard..

same with the Sabaj DA3->there also 2 !! ES9018Q2C..

they also said this Sabaj D3 with 2 Sabres sounds better than an Cambridge AudioDacmagic V2, what i really believe because i had an Cambridge Audio Dacmagic here and it was well manufactured but by far not such a high resolution as the ES9018K2M by example; on the first DacMagic there were Wolfson-chips in it->see review at the forum->LINK

other useful links->https://www.head-fi.org/threads/smsl-idea-portable-dac-amp.851110/page-22