Hifi-fine-tuning / some little thoughts / external 5V – XMOS-bridges (“Skysong” here)

so,  😉

today some little thoughts about hifi-fine-tuning here..

as i´ve ordered again some “green” “SMPCB V1.07” (its the fourth meanwhile, burnt one as testing out some dual dc ;-( ) and as i´m stuck now to buy some new bluray-player (for hdmi to i2S) i´ve reactivated my Skysong XMOS-bridge (http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/?p=1883) ->I2S->ES9038Q2M (green V1.07) to get some hifi “with ease” (from PC)..

cause i´ve got a little trouble at higher-resolutions (24/192) i´ve feeded the xmos-bridge (think its the same with all of them) again with an external 5V power-source, et voilá, again such a great difference to the usb-powered thing (said a lot about it in the above mentioned blogpost)->really again 10-15% better tune, hifi-began 😉 , means the music “disengages” from the speaker..

okay, and as i think my new Mission LX-2 are very “roomy” + “light”, i´ve got sometimes the feel that the old Mission 780 sound a little bit more “hifi” in some cases; they seem to be more “vocal”-focussed..

to “compensate” this i thought i change the standard NE5532 to my “heavenly” AD797ANZ (http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/?p=1693) as they have these unbelievable room, and some 3D-ish at their own and correspondent absolutely perfect with the sabre-chip-characteristica->”..i think the speciality on these Sabre-Chips is this digitally room/3D-feeling + also with the great soundstage..so i stay, as said, with the AD797ANZ

(we had a schematic of the recommended op-amps for the ES9038Q2M, also with greater dynamic + thd/dnr etc..))->

so, i´m listening right now to these “combo” with the “heavenly” AD797ANZ (although i think they sound also a little bit “distorted”) and try to get the best out these special (what i like so much) roomy/3D-ish ess-sabre “hyperstream” technology (and to find the right speaker + amplifier for it)..

will post more in future, stay tuned and have a nice “happy new year” !! 😉

Mission LX-2 arrived / (vs. 780/780 MK.II)/ Amazon Smart-Plug

so folks ! 😉

“long time not heard” 😉 ,

unfortunately nothing new for the main-theme here ->”ES9038Q2M“-s..but i´ll maybe post more about in future”..

so, my long awaited “Mission LX-2” (first version, not the Mk.II) arrived here today..

first, overall impression: retains the “clarity” but with more “punch“; as said as the old Mission 780/780 MK.II were “too thin” (see these posts before->http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/?p=2797..)

absolutely more “room-filling“, and much more “controlled“, not so “vocal”-focussed” as before (what i miss a little bit (but they are just arrived, maybe i´ve heard it before a little bit wrong))

the slightly greater “volume” of the chassis has absolutely its sense..(i guess your amplifier needs btw. 10-20Watt more).

the agility is also greater..

2. Amazon Smart/Power Plug (12,99€)

itself nothing spectacular, works absolutely flawless with Alexa/FireCubeTV, but the interesting thing is that it works also as a great “AC/DC-noise-blocker“, de-“ripple-pickup” !! (thats why i mention it here.)

have some “uplighter” which causes this heavy “ground-loop”, tried millions of things before, different wall ac/dc outlets etc..was just before to buy a hifi-high-end-power-outlet-strip of about 50-60€, but put then amazon-power-plug between the uplighter and the ac/dc wall outlet et voilá : no more heavy noise/groundloop ! absolutely great !! 😉

so many greets for now, more to come.. 😉