Moode V4Beta11 Install script..(+Audiophonics ES9028Q2M Driver Linux-Kernel 4.9.51)

because there are here so many searches concerning „Moode Audio“-image here´s a „install-script“ for an almost automated install->moode-automatic-install
its from the „official“ Moode-/supportforum->

and there´s also a new „driver“-package for the Audiophonics ES9028Q2M linux-kernel came across via the „Volumio“-forum because the hardware-volume wasnt working for the new Volumio-releases..(but this is absolute „Audiophonics ES9028Q2M-related because they implemented this „HW-Volume-control“)..->Q2M_kernel_4-9-51
but another thing is, if i look in the archive there are such „ and i-sabre-k2m.dtbo“ files which can be used for the Q2Ms too, and so somebody have to/could try to use them/modify to take the full advantages (and higher sampling-rates) out of these ES9028Q2M/ES9018K2M-chips..

any experiences/results->please leave a comment here..

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  • I have to try install this driver into Volumio2, but it’s doesn’t work. Have you any ideas?)

  • I’m finaly get good sound!) Just use „pisound“ driver

    • yeah !! but nice that u try and write here something about it, so other user could benefit from your „experiences“ ;-)..
      „Pisound“, where ? driver ? in volumio or do you mean „picoreplayer“ ?

      • Sorry, „pisound“ driver in Volumio is a bug. But… I’m finaly ported I-Sabre ES9028K2M driver into Volumio player and it’s work! At now my DAC broken, i’m waiting for new device from Aliexpress and later write about new expirience with ported driver.

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