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'"Project 1-B"->Cambridge Audio Azur 540A IR/BT-remote + Webr. Wemos D1 R2 (ESP8266)
so,  Wink
after i was very glad with "Project 1" (CA-IR-remote substitution through Arduino+Bluetooth) + the "Project 3"->Webcontrol for the ES9038Q2M  Wink i thought i could combine these two and because there was also an "old" WeMos D1 R2 (ESP8266)"lying around" i made a simple "Arduino goes serial with the ESP8266"..
there are millions of tutorials about this on the web, had nevertheless problems here, and so i thought i make a quick and dirty tutorial how to connect the Arduino Uno and the ESP8266, via which pins and with the right libraries..(+ Arduino IDE-sketch)

[Image: uno+wemosd1r2.jpg]

absolutely easy (if u know how  Wink )..
on the Arduino simply use: (#include <SoftwareSerial.h>)-> SoftwareSerial wifi(10, 11); (or other pins, your choice) + (void setup->wifi.begin(9600); etc..look at the attached sketch..)
wanted also to use "SoftwareSerial" on Wemos (ESP8266) but had absolutely no success, so i used finally "tx1"->Serial1 (Serial1 only with tx) on D4 (GPIO2) (on this special WeMos D1 R2 the built-in led is btw on GPIO14 !!)
so, sketch ESP8266->only void.setup->Serial1.begin(9600);
(so, practically, connect D4 on the ESP8266 with 10 on the Uno..) (more in the also attached sketch..)

[Image: remote-2.jpg]

next point is the "Webremote"-sketch for the ESP8266..nothing special in particular; its all build on the wonderful "autoconnect-library" by "Hieromon"-->

as said, all further in the attached sketchs->hope someone can use it for himself ;-)

Did you work on this project since then? Are improvements even possible?
(09-13-2019, 12:40 PM)Falconi Wrote: Did you work on this project since then? Are improvements even possible?

thx for asking..  Smile

didnt work further on this project but what do u mean with "improvements" ? in which direction ?

but many greets..

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