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Thesycon JLsound V4.13 + V4.41 - I2Soverusb
in thinking about this raspi-4137 i came about this site (knew it anyway before)->

[Image: I2SoverUSB_1.jpg]
interesting thing (more specs at the link above..)

but also interesting is that they have a download-section (mainly for their i2soverusb i think) but there are lot of driver for the xmos-audio-boards ->

[Image: jlsound-2.jpg]

just downloaded the V4.41, we had V4.45 (although i think there are differences with the version-numbers between Thesycon+"normal" XMOS-audio-driver..)
couldn´t test it right now, will report then..(or post YOUR  experiences with it here..)

gr.  Wink

.rar   JLsounds_USBAudio_v4.41.0.rar (Size: 2.05 MB / Downloads: 24)

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