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interesting post concerning different op-amps..

interesting excerpts:

"..Category 4 – like a completely arranged room, not quite tidy yet
I'd say, the fight with the Audio-gd op-amps starts making sense here. [Image: smily_headphones1.gif] 
Did you ever know that the op-amp grade matters for audio? Yes, it does, at least for OPA2134, OPA2132, LT1028, AD797 and OPA627 which I can confirm. So, let's continue:
2x OPA627BP – welcome to Category 4! Unlike the AP or AU series, this one is not lacking proper attack. Sure, it's not lightning fast but at least this one can keep the rhythm, it's actually pretty similar to the AD797ANZ with the advantage of JFET inputs. Lack of the last refinement and oomph makes it less than perfect. I'll get back to this later.
2x AD797ANZ – this one I regarded for a long time as a piece of wire equivalent when used as a buffer. It lacked some level of the lowest detail but added pleasant tube-like timbre, in a delicate form of course. This one is a bit better than the AD8599, with less accentuated sonic signature. 
2x LT1028ACN8 – the better LT1028 grade. Sure it's audible. Instead of the slight dryness you get a bit longer sustain in the mids, with a slightly higher midrange coloration, hardly perceivable when your ears get used to it. The soundstage is correct, the imaging is correct, tha PraT is correct, and what I would like from it to be perfect is a bit more independence of the events in the furthest background plans. It's sounds like it's a bit hazy there, however you can like it. 
2x OP27GP – no kidding! Just see the prices of the OP27E from Texas. [Image: smily_headphones1.gif] There is a trick – this one, I mean the one from Burr-Brown I own, requires class A biasing. Otherwise it's not worth considering. I remember I liked it even more than the 2x LT1028ACN8 combo. As a side note I can write that the OPA627 was designed to have this op-amp offering JFET inputs. Same with the OP37 vs. OPA637. 
2x OPA211 – the king of the space, I guess it's even exaggerated. In terms of overall order, clarity, timbre transparency and rhythm, this one is a direct upgrade from the OPA2228. Slight but worth it. The increased shape detail and huge soundstage is probably the result of something I'd call sound disassembling. It's like losing spatial coherence of each sound, having the tone in one place, and the harmonics just aside, not surrounding the right tone. Strange but true.
Category 5 – complete sound traveling in the clean air
2x AD797BRZ – this is the op-amp truly deserving the name of the Analog Device. This one is a smoother and fuller sounding version of the AD797. Switching from the ANZ to the BRZ series is like going vinyl instead of digital. Everything is smooth to the moment your music craves for the harsh texture like aggressive violin passages, distorted guitars, or stronger double bass phrases. The readability of the furthest plans is great, without going into image sharpening effect which makes you see the details more but lose the feeling of perspective at the same time. Roughly, it's like the AD79ANZ with all advantages of the OPA627BP added. The soundstage is nowhere limited and the sound image of whatever possible shape. This is a reference integrated op-amp for me so let me know as soon as you find better, and I will verify it. [Image: wink.gif] 


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