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Singxer_USB_Audio_Class2-Driver_v4.45.0.exe 06.Juli 2018
main post here->

we had V4.36, its now V4.45;

will test it with my Singxer XMOS-USB XU208 + ES9038Q2M..

(but the es9038q2m is now connected to the pi; will report then)

Update 08/25/2018:

just tested it here on Win10->XMOS-XU208 + ES9038Q2M: absolutely fabulous, no problems, got the feel its really slightly slightly better (this V4.45), but thats almost "hypothetic"  Wink ; but works (only difference that u dont have the 24bit/352khz-option in sound-properties (Win10) afair; 24bit/384khz is there..foobar plays very well in 24bit/352khz Dop (Asio PCM-active) btw. (see pictures); great sound IMO..

[Image: v445-1.jpg]
[Image: v445-2.jpg]

.rar   Singxer_USB_Audio_Class2-Driver_v4.45.0-.rar (Size: 2.03 MB / Downloads: 28)

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