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ES9038Q2M web-/BT-control GUI sketch..
initial post is here:->

[Image: Untitlhhhhed-1-1024x599.jpg]

sketch is here->
.rar   esp32s-pft-allright-w1-println16-w.rar (Size: 3.87 KB / Downloads: 4)

some interesting excerpts:


HardwareSerial BT(1);

#define BT_RXPIN 32 

#define BT_TXPIN 33
HardwareSerial uno(2); //16-17pin
#define uno_RXPIN 16 

#define uno_TXPIN 17"

void setup() {

  BT.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, BT_RXPIN, BT_TXPIN);
  uno.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, uno_RXPIN, uno_TXPIN);



u have 3 different hardwareserials (1-3) on the ESP32S, can freely name it and u can use a lot of pins for it (remap)..

(but, for example and also on this picture (at the bottom)->

u cant use pin 34-38, 8-11 and so on)


i originally wanted to use the onboard BT/BLE ->#include "BluetoothSerial.h" BluetoothSerial SerialBT; but it uses such an "enermous" RAM-amount (up to 60% !! only the simpliest BT-stack and nothing else)..for me here it was impossible to set up a sketch with it..
("they" (in the web) said all the "same", maybe i hadnt the right libraries+maybe there is a workaround/something new, but for me at present absolutely useless).
so i used a simple HC-06-BT-modul with rx/tx..(hardwareserial BT...)


SPI-wise i used the VSPI, its the standard spi-port if u use <spi.h> (for the esp32s) means gpio5 for ss, gpio18 for sck and gpio23 for mosi (and gpio19 for miso of course)..

[Image: esp32v1pinout.jpg]

also here a little sketch to connect the Uno via rx/tx (to the esp32s, cause as said, i didnt find the right esp32s-libraries for the display)->

.rar   secondtest-works-14.rar (Size: 9.76 KB / Downloads: 0)

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