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OP-Amp rankings/experiences ES-Sabre-Boards
so,  Smile
because i´ve tested a few OP-Amps right now (all this concerning to these chinese-essabre-boards) and i´ve got the feel/experience that it has huge/massive impact on the sound/tone here in this case on the sabre-boards (f*** on: "i hear no difference, the NE5532 is enough") i wanted to write down my experiences so far and in a short list..
and whats more interesting is how some other user feel about the different OP-Amps..

so please share here YOUR experiences and suggestions.. !!

(Update 15.June 2018)
I´ve tested so far:
NE5532,OPA2604,OPA2134,Muses8920, LME47920, LME47910, AD797 (on a ES9018K2M,ES9028Q2M and ES9038Q2M)..
Ranking (from high to low):

(Update 15.Januar 2019)

1.AD797 ANZ(x2)
4.AD797BRZ (x2) 
5.LME47910 (x2)
9.(really worse on these boards)OPA2604

so and because this Muses8920 sounds really "brilliant" on the ES9038Q2M par example (and on the other two too) and have IMO an impact of min.15-20% on the tone i was just thinking to buy 2 LME49710 or one LME47920 (i´ve ordered right now the LME49720 (5€)) (according to this "recommended" ES-Sabre-list (from ES-Sabre)->
[Image: table-1.jpg]
(its from this post->

(the AD797 would be the optimum (or some Burson V5 or some discret OP-Amp) i guess) but right now its cheaper to order these two..

by that i´ve seen that "Terry" uses some Muses in his wonderful,wonderful DIY-DAC (more pics maybe to come) and i wondered if he tested out some other OP-Amps on these board..

as said, i´m only writing this because i´ve got the feel that the different OP-Amps have a real great impact on the tune (in any case on these boards)  in opposite to some other opinion that "u can´t hear any differences") (tss,tss,tss, i don´t get it how to write such crap)..

POST your experiences here !!
Muses 01 made quite a change. Blue board sounds way better

[Image: 0-FCF4904-3492-4931-BD94-D9274-BF55-F5-A.jpg]
(02-15-2019, 04:16 AM)michso Wrote: Muses 01 made quite a change. Blue board sounds way better

[Image: 0-FCF4904-3492-4931-BD94-D9274-BF55-F5-A.jpg]

many, many thx for your reply and experience !!!  Wink

think absolutely the same (and as posted), Muses (8920/01/02) make really a great difference on this (special) Blue-Board !!
(but try to get some AD797BRZ anyway ;-))..
in my experience they (the Muses) sounds really great + make a difference on this Blue-boards not soo on the "Green"-ones..but thx again for your confirmation (this is what this site is made for !!) !!

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