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Pinout + softwareserial.h Wemos D1R2
so,  Smile
because i have here really problems in finding out the right pin-definitions from a WeMos D1-R2 (NodeMcu V3) for using it in the Arduino-IDE i have here some (first) info which is now working for me:

#define D0 16
#define D1 5 // I2C Bus SCL (clock)
#define D2 4 // I2C Bus SDA (data)
#define D3 0
#define D4 2 // Same as "LED_BUILTIN", but inverted logic
#define D5 14 // SPI Bus SCK (clock)
#define D6 12 // SPI Bus MISO
#define D7 13 // SPI Bus MOSI
#define D8 15 // SPI Bus SS (CS)
#define D9 3 // RX0 (Serial console)
#define D10 1 // TX0 (Serial console)

by that if u use "softwareserial.h" because the Wemos + NodeMcu v3 have only one rx/tx-line and they are absolutely binded to the usb-serial
 and when compiling an arduino-sketch on these platforms u get an "softwareserial.h" is missing, u have to add this library->


#define D6 12 // SPI Bus MISO for rx 
#define D5 14 // SPI Bus MOSI for tx

SoftwareSerial BT(D6, D5);

.zip (Size: 8.44 KB / Downloads: 0)

(the other one->github/8266/basics..) is too old i think..

(its from here-> )

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