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How to upgrade ES9028Q2M sound when listening through headphones
many,many thx !! (and also for the "product"/Aliexpress-link)  Smile
(much appreciated)
Today I want to share my experience of using the ES9028Q2M DAC board with headphones. When I heard this DAC for the first time in my headphones, I was somewhat disappointed - I almost did not hear the bass, while the high frequencies were too loud and only the mid-frequencies sounded normal. In addition, the sound seemed to me blurry and not clear. Reviews on the Internet about this board talked about the fact that such problems arise among other users. I tried to fix the situation with the an equalizer, but it did not solve the problem completely. Then I decided to try my TPA6020A2 chip-based headphone amplifier board with this DAC and it was a real miracle - I finally heard a clear bass, the higher frequencies became softer, the sound became very detailed, a very detailed sound scene appeared. I do not guarantee that any amplifier will give the same effect, but I'm sure that the amplifier on the TPA6020A2 chip will sound right. Personally, I used this one
but on the AliExpress (or other stores) there are several other boards on the same chip. It can be concluded that to obtain this Hi-Fi it is necessary not only to replace the OP-AMP, but also use the headphone amplifier. 

I hope this post will be useful for someone, I wish everyone success and quality sound Wink
many,many thx !! (and also for the "product"/Aliexpress-link)   Smile

(much appreciated)

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