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hi evryone,

just iwn an audiophonics dac usb dsd 384 es 9028q2m ess sabre chip, within a box just two buttons for pretended volume control, but it doesnlt work at all and the global sound of this dac revealed agressive resonant sound .
My question how to setup tye pretended hardware volume to get a good sound instead of agressive/resonant sound ??

hi "kwama" !,
thx for asking..i myself really don´t know how to solve it, but maybe one of our user here can solve the/your problem in future..
moved this question to an own thread..thx ;-)
oh excuse me did'nt clearly undetstand forum functions if admins could helps. thanks

at the end i put the output of foobar on directsound , and control the volume with standard control volume tray in windows 7 , and even in foobar .

with a lower volume level sound is les agressive/resonant.

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