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2.6" tftlcd mcufriend (320x240) Aliexpress
so,  Smile
bought a 2.6" tftlcd mcufriend (320x240) (3,40€) from Aliexpress 2 month ago->
(see also this post-> )

[Image: 2lcd26.jpg]
[Image: lcdback.jpg]

but didnt got it to work; only a "white screen"->

[Image: lcdwhite.jpg]

tried millions of libraries+drivers, first i thought it was an "ili9481/Himax 8347" and so on and on..
the only thing what i then definitely knew was its (chip/controller) ID:"0x0404"   Cool
googled then again millions of pages/sites and found absolute nothing/screen stays "white" until i found yesterday this article->

and that, it was  Smile (for the moment)..

[Image: good.thumb.jpg.b1c521b3d87c749398a5fbbdad9255e5.jpg]

he modified the uftf-library a little bit, found out the right myglcd-initial sequence for the controller-chip ("UTFT myGLCD(TFT01_24_16,38,39,40,41);") and now it works here !!

many thx to the author again !! 
but i´m a little bit disappointed, its absolute too small and at the moment, horrible slow..expected more and now have to see if i order another,greater one, 3.2,3,5,4.0" and so on or think about another alternative for my planned, self builded, DIY-DAC !!   Rolleyes

here are very important library/sketches again (as said only this library/mod works till now with this module)->

.rar   UTFT_for_ST7781.rar (Size: 2.35 MB / Downloads: 3)
author:"..but in the file on the way tft_drivers / ili9325d / default / initlcd.h In fact, information from tft_drivers / st7781 / default / initlcd.h written. Not a bit finished Chinese. Of course, the ili9325d will not work. Who uploaded pricheshet library for normal operation, all models tft lcd, download the original version and compare UTFT.cpp, UTFT.h, the contents of other folders, libraries, data sheet st7781 is on the net"   Blush

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