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1602LCD+I2C-modul (.ino sketches+links)
hi there,  Smile
first half of the post is here->

[Image: 1602i2c-modul.jpg]
[Image: lcd-blue-night.jpg]

 have problems with the first sketches from here->

got some "Positive is not in the scope" or similar; u have to take the newest "Liquidcrystal_I2C"-library->

.zip (Size: 5.98 MB / Downloads: 0)

useful sketch to identify the I2C-adress of the specific I2C-modul is also there (and here: ->
.rar   i2c_adress.rar (Size: 513 bytes / Downloads: 0) )

[Image: i2c-adress.jpg]

so far so good, extended the "Bluetooth/IR"-sketch for Cambridge 540A remote with now a "lcd.backlight" - blink, everytime u type something/or press a button in the suggested Bluetooth-App..

.rar   bluetooth-w1-works-list-avmd-backlight-3.rar (Size: 1.01 KB / Downloads: 1)

useful link is also this:

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