ES-SABRE FORUM (Update) + HC-06 BT Rename + Dietpi 6.4 (+ES9028Q2M)

so, 😉
sorry, i´ve just seen that it was impossible for unregistered user/guests to see any content in the forum->forget to uncheck “Force Guests to register/login to access the full content“(it was, as i hardly remember, because of the f***** spam-attacks); its solved now..->FORUM
second i´ve made a new post how to change the “identifier/baudrate/pin” of a HC-06-BT-module->
third i´ve updated to “DietPi 6.4“-> and it plays here soo very well with my “ES9028Q2M”->absolute wonderful..(just connected 2 DIP-buttons via a breadboard to the 8 pin HW-control on it..); soo nice..(i will also try in future to solve/control it via some BT/Arduino-control)
fourth i´ve installed/set up a “search“-widget in the upper right..thought it was already there but wasn´t 😉

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  • Hi, How did you Connect the volume switch? does it work by default or you need to install software? can you show us how you did the volume control?

    i got a similar dac but mine has the volume low.

    • hi there !!
      many thx for works by default, u don´t need any software..You have just to connect the 4 pins (solder some metal pins on it by example) to a normal 4 pin “click-button” or similar..
      again, works by default, no software needed..
      i just clicked one button for Volume up and the other one for down..havent made another control (with an Arduino or so) at that time..
      but keep asking, many thx and greets for now !!

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