„SKYSONG“–XMOS-XU208-USB Part II.: Sample-frequency+PCM/DSD Leds

again some pictures from the above mentioned Skysong-XMOS-XU208 in “action”: 😉

(this (above) should be (explanation at the bottom) “PCM“/”384khz“)

Taobao->22,81€ (incl.shipping)->https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a211ha.10565794.0.0.e1360b5U0Xo17&id=560049846644&toSite=main

according to the primary post->http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/2017/11/skysong-xmos-usb-xu208/ and this “Singxer Q1-Diagramm” theres the fourth Led in the upper right a “PCM/DSD” indicator (and not what i´ve written “Power”-indicator->u have to zoom in the picture)

(more information in the original post->http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/2017/11/skysong-xmos-usb-xu208/ )

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  • Hello,

    Very interisting description of the DIY DAC.

    I have a question, where do you download the driver of Skysong-XMOS-XU208 to support DSD in windows 10?


    Best regards

  • so many thx “Krunoslav Kovacic” !!
    move the driver also to the forum and btw. i have this Skysong also now here since a few hours and i must say: Unbelievable !! (at present still with the “old” ES9018K2M)

  • Hello! I have such a device. I wiped the firmware on it the day before yesterday. Now the computer does not see the device at all. I would like to ask if anyone can help me in restoring my sky song xmos xu208. The seller is unfortunately silent. Thank you in advance

    • hi there !!
      sorry for u too..unfortunately i absolutely do not know how to “flash” the firmware (and where to get such ?)..
      i would say we let here the question open (maybe some other user can help)..
      but how do u “wiped” out the firmware ? do u have a tool to read out the firmware ? maybe i can read it out here, sent it to you and u can write it back on it..
      greets from here..;-)

  • Hello! Thank you very much for Your reply. It started with the fact that from the very beginning my Skysong-XMOS-XU208 did not play music in 192 kHz, only 96. I was constantly searching the Internet for a solution to this problem. Put new drivers, nothing helped. On the Singxer website I found a new driver and updated device firmware with instructions. I decided to try flashing my Skysong-XMOS-XU208. The instructions needed to install the driver Singxer-USB-Audio-Class2-Driver_v3.20.0 and from the folder of the driver to start the program xmosusbaudiost3086_dfuapp.exe. I ran this program and flashed the device. But probably the new firmware is not suitable for Skysong-XMOS-XU208, and is designed for another device XMOS. Now on my Skysong-XMOS-XU208 when connected, all LEDs are lit, and the computer does not see the device at all. The seller does not answer.

  • anyone aware if this works with Max iOs? on the site it does, but a Mac does not install xxxx.exe files of course . So I can’t find any install files for the usb driver and so on… anyone able to help?

  • Hi. I have same device and wrote bad firmware. Now it’s brick. Does you are have manufacturer contacts? I can’t find it. Maybe you can make dump from spi flash chip winbond 25X40 with programmer? Thank you!

    • hi there !!
      i would be glad to help you..but u must tell me exactly how to do it..how can i make an backup from the actual firmware ? with which programmer/tool and with which software ?
      greets from here !! 😉

      • Thank you. You can do this with cheap CH341A Programmer + SOP8 Clip. Can buy it here https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32725360255.html or ebay, etc. You can use another programmer with SOP8 clip.
        How to use it here:

      • Thank you! I found solution how to recovery SkySong after update to wrong firmware from https://download.shenzhenaudio.com/Singxer/SU-6%20V2.21%20firmware.rar

        Need to write this firmware with programmer to chip with lable 25×40. It’s not original firmware. I read firmware from chip and replace data afte offset 8500 with zero. It’s broke firmware CRC and SkySong load reserve firmware what been used before.


        After need to install latest driver from https://download.shenzhenaudio.com/Singxer/Singxer_USB_Audio_Class2-Driver_v4.67.0.rar

        Now all can work fine. Thanks for responding to help!

        • First, many thx for the new driver/link to 4.67..
          Second: Do i understand it right ? u now have found the solution by yourself ? u don´t need any further assistence ?
          because its yet a little bit to complicated/takes too much effort to buy these things, set it up and test it out..(at present, its very interesting, but right now i´m not so “in” programming/flashing eeproms)
          but i maybe make a new post in the blog about it + also add the new driver-package driver in the forum (that some other user maybe could help you)..
          but again:
          did u solve the problem by yourself or not ?
          many greets for now !! 😉

          • Yes, it helped me and should help others. But I found another problem. My firmware reset to 2.00 version. You are can help me get original firmware. You are use RPI or Linux. Please install git and clone and compile this github repository https://github.com/respeaker/mic_array_dfu

            Command List:

            git clone https://github.com/respeaker/mic_array_dfu.git
            cd mic_array_dfu/src

            edit xmosdfu.c file and replace string
            #define XMOS_XCORE_AUDIO_AUDIO2_PID 0x3066
            #define XMOS_XCORE_AUDIO_AUDIO2_PID 0x3086

            Save file.

            cd ..
            sudo ./dfu –upload firmware.bin

            Wait it can take time.
            After please send me firmware.bin file. Thx.

          • Okay !!
            i´m glad to help, but now 2 questions:
            1. i´ve cloned the git, changed the pid-thing but have now a fatal usblib.h is missing->will install it.., but
            2. are u 10000% sure that the command is ./dfu –upload … ?

            try to display dfu -help or something..will post/mail here more in a few minutes ;-), greetz for now..

            update: got a “sudo ./dfu –upload firmware.bin”->”invalid option passed to dfu application”..
            don´t know if “make” runs through without errors, but seems so..any ideas ? greets 😉

          • It will be right sudo ./dfu –upload firmware.bin
            (two minus before upload, I think blog replace two minus with one)
            Thank you!

          • okay,
            i think its because of these “–” (two minus)..will try it again in a few minutes, greets for now !

          • Yo !!
            be happy ;-)..works/have the firmware.bin..!!
            will upload it here in a few minutes..(post a link)..
            Greets for now and feel free to donate a small amount via paypal to help this blog to stay alive (is on the first page, right bottom/widgets)..;-)
            + please tell me afterwards which V (2.00 or 2.02) is this firmware.bin..
            greets for now !!

          • Yes. Sure. I tested all before. In XMOS upload and download swapped. You can read original manul https://www.xmos.com/file/dfu-user-guide/ read article “Using the DFU loader – OS X (via the XMOS DFU loader)”

            Orignal windows tools not see device. It’s tool baces on source of OS X utility and works on linux.

          • Maked donate. I think firmware will be 2.20. It’s original version on my SkySong and other devices after 2016 year.

          • its here:

            10$ is too much..try to send u 5$ back.. !!
            and please tell me if it works for u and which version this firmware is !!

          • Wonderful !!
            sent u also an e-mail + can i use this picture in an article on the blog ?
            make a new post about it !!
            many greets and i´m very glad that i could help !! (this is what essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com was originally made for !!) 😉

          • Thank you so much! Excellent! All works. Screenshot https://imgur.com/vThFrdA
            Firmware version 2.20

          • Yes, you are can use it. 😉

          • many thx again !!
            i really think this was a really good fun for us and “we” made it absolutely correct/wonderful !! absolutely “thrilling” ;-)..
            sent u an e-mail because of this 10$ was too much ;-), and i´m very happy that u can now use this wonderful,wonderful usb-bridge again !! (have also 2 other xmos-usb-bridges here but the skysong has by far the most brilliant tune !!)
            greets !! 😉

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