„SKYSONG“–XMOS-XU208-USB Part II.: Sample-frequency+PCM/DSD Leds

again some pictures from the above mentioned Skysong-XMOS-XU208 in „action“: 😉

(this (above) should be (explanation at the bottom) „PCM„/“384khz„)

Taobao->22,81€ (incl.shipping)->https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a211ha.10565794.0.0.e1360b5U0Xo17&id=560049846644&toSite=main

according to the primary post->http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/2017/11/skysong-xmos-usb-xu208/ and this „Singxer Q1-Diagramm“ theres the fourth Led in the upper right a „PCM/DSD“ indicator (and not what i´ve written „Power“-indicator->u have to zoom in the picture)

(more information in the original post->http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/2017/11/skysong-xmos-usb-xu208/ )

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  • Hello,

    Very interisting description of the DIY DAC.

    I have a question, where do you download the driver of Skysong-XMOS-XU208 to support DSD in windows 10?


    Best regards

  • so many thx „Krunoslav Kovacic“ !!
    move the driver also to the forum and btw. i have this Skysong also now here since a few hours and i must say: Unbelievable !! (at present still with the „old“ ES9018K2M)

  • Hello! I have such a device. I wiped the firmware on it the day before yesterday. Now the computer does not see the device at all. I would like to ask if anyone can help me in restoring my sky song xmos xu208. The seller is unfortunately silent. Thank you in advance

    • hi there !!
      sorry for u too..unfortunately i absolutely do not know how to „flash“ the firmware (and where to get such ?)..
      i would say we let here the question open (maybe some other user can help)..
      but how do u „wiped“ out the firmware ? do u have a tool to read out the firmware ? maybe i can read it out here, sent it to you and u can write it back on it..
      greets from here..;-)

  • Hello! Thank you very much for Your reply. It started with the fact that from the very beginning my Skysong-XMOS-XU208 did not play music in 192 kHz, only 96. I was constantly searching the Internet for a solution to this problem. Put new drivers, nothing helped. On the Singxer website I found a new driver and updated device firmware with instructions. I decided to try flashing my Skysong-XMOS-XU208. The instructions needed to install the driver Singxer-USB-Audio-Class2-Driver_v3.20.0 and from the folder of the driver to start the program xmosusbaudiost3086_dfuapp.exe. I ran this program and flashed the device. But probably the new firmware is not suitable for Skysong-XMOS-XU208, and is designed for another device XMOS. Now on my Skysong-XMOS-XU208 when connected, all LEDs are lit, and the computer does not see the device at all. The seller does not answer.

  • anyone aware if this works with Max iOs? on the site it does, but a Mac does not install xxxx.exe files of course . So I can’t find any install files for the usb driver and so on… anyone able to help?

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