Little Status-update: ES9028Q2M->Volume Buttons (works !!) + LEDs (works not..)

a little Status-update concerning this article->

I´ve connected a 4-dip Button and i can confirm that it works !!…for the Vol+ and the Vol- square..thought the bottom (left on the picture) 4pin-square is for the FIRs (digital filter settings), but apparently not..

(PS.: and it sounds very good !! (absolute better than per software/-mixer !!))
(Edit: to be correct->its not really a HW-mixer/volume control; it only just increases the “internal” volume “in” the chip; but it has really, super interesting effects on the output; think its only a change by 40% (up and down) or so; but very interesting !!, u must try it by yourself)

so the only last 4pin square is the “input”-one..cause i have no other inputs and mainly dont know where to connect on this board, this question stays unanswered..
The LEDs on the other side (PCM and DSD) stay dark/nothing..tried a lot..
by that, maybe in future i can read out the MCU on this ES9028Q2M via the “SWIM”-interface, because the ST-LinkV2 which i actually bought could/should also be used for 8bit/this MCUs..

(Edit 11/12/2017): tried to read out the onboard MCU STM 8S103F3 via the “SWIM”-interface and with a ST-Link V2->didnt got it to work too; always a “St-Link-USB communication error”; so long for now..)


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  • Hi. I have the same board. I plan to finalize it. Have you tried to solder near the LEDs resistors of 100R and 10k?I understand this is an indication of the DAC mode and its input signal. Thanks for answering.

    • Many thx for asking !! ;-)..
      i have unfortunately absolutely no clue 😉 in using the right resistors and so on and so it would absolutely great if u could post here your experiences with it (if it works or not and how u made it !!)
      (i used the holes in the circles to connect (and via a resistor); but had no success)
      as said, i can unfortunately not help u with that ! ;-(..
      thx in advance !!

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