HDMI to I2S (C1) receiver-board arrived / NE5532 vs. AD797 vs. OPA1612

so, ­čśë

finally today the „HDMI to I2S (RX-„C1“-PS-audio-standard) receiver-board arrived (LINK-Aliexpress, 14ÔéČ))->works absolutely great/flawlessly with the hdmi to I2S-extraction-board (HDA20012 GLA V5 TX-„C1“)->

it works „so“, without extra 5V-power (the extraction-board delivers the 5V over HDMI (but u can „jumper“ it))..

„sound-wise“ its a little bit more „flat“/not so „brilliant“ in comparison to a direct I2S-connection (absolutely logical), but i guess so only about 2%-difference ­čśë )..(and u have one I2S-solder-/“unstability-problem“ less !)

by that i┬┤ve got an „OPA1612“ a week ago or so, and got now the time to test it out->

NE5532: a lot of body + push, absolutely good overall OP-Amp..(was originally in the „green“ SMBCP-ES9038Q2M-board (V1.07)

OPA1612: very clear, very dynamic, very „roomy“, more „body“ like the AD797, (but also a little bit „thin“ + less „character“)..(coriously today the best from the two (NE5532+AD797) the body/lows from NE5532 and the highs from the AD797)..(„quality-wise“ about 10-15% ahead of the NE5532.)

great OP-AMP !! (but maybe with a little less „character“)..

AD797ANZ: absolutely „creamy“ + sweet+ 3D-ish (almost „heavenly“ ­čśë ), but with almost no body/lows..absolutely in the middle/highs and there some „own room/3D/space“, character..(but also a little bit „distorted“ in some way)

a lot of „character“, was my favourite OP-AMP so far..

still complicated (to find the right OP-Amp for yourself), right now/today i┬┤m more „on character“.. (i tested a lot of OP-Amps, Bursons, Muses, LME┬┤s,OPA┬┤s (look right in the widget/categories->“OP-Amps„->http://essabre-90xx-rpi.sfb2.com/?cat=13)

(+ in these region/area of very good/high-end OP-Amps its really only about the „timbre/color“ of the sound (which u prefer)..the sound/tone/content itself still remains..)..

so, will change the OP-Amp back to the NE5532 to get my „test-setting“ back and to work again more „on the chain“ (transporter->hdmi->I2S) before..

(PS.: the OPA1612 is still playing here now; absolutely great, super quality + a great dynamic ! (should compare it again to the Burson or Muses or other OPA┬┤s etc.,etc. for example, but not now) ­čśë )

many greets for now + much more to come !! ­čśë

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