Schiit Modi 3+/Multibit 99$ / Analog Devices AD5547

So folks, ­čśë

back to a little bit „Hi-Fi“ again.. ­čśë

according to this list (interesting, have a look)->

the Schiit Modi 3+ (Multibit) should be the best in this price-range..(99$/249$)->(

we had here THD-lists („Sinad“) from audioscenereview->( in which the Schiits were also in the top)┬á

question is now (because they use in 80% of their products „AKM-chips“) and as i always said and read again and again, these AKMs („Velvet“-sound) were not so transparent + airy like our phenomenal ES-Sabre-chips..

so best would be to test one of them in comparison to some ES-Sabre-gear; we┬┤ll see..

also interesting is that there is „a new player“ in these DA-market->“Analog Devices„..I/we know that they had made very good DA-chips in the very beginning of this era + also have a very high „distinction“ in the hi-fi-world in general..

The Schiit 3+ Multibit uses an Analog Devices „AD5547“->have to test them also against some sabre┬┤s..

(it would be very nice, if someone can post his experiences with one of the Schiits oder ADs in the comment-section !!)

more to come, greets for now !! ­čśë

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