Drop of the day/week: Zorloo Zuperdac-s ES9018Q2C / only 40$ (with essabre-bonus only 30$ !!)

so folks, 😉

sorry that there were lately not so many news here on essabre, but no worry, i still plan to buy some toroidal transformer; by that i got an old SONY MDS-JE 520 MD-player/defect and first thought to use it as a case for a combined raspberry pi (as lan-player) + ES9038Q2M + XMOS-bridge + ESP32/Arduino (display-wise); maybe in the „long-term“ 😉 ..

but first a really,really interesting drop !! :

Zorloo ZuperDAC-S (ES9018Q2C)(40$ !!)

Zorloo ZuperDAC-S with an ES9018Q2C for only 40$ (if you first join massdrop via these essabre-links (LINK) or right in some widget(„Xavier), u got 10$ „start-bonus“ and you will get this for only 30$ !!)

(other specs: 120 db SNR, Volume control: Integrated, 16 steps, works independently from host (last setting is stored)

by that, a few months ago i also planned to buy SMSL Idea (Sabaj DA2) , they are meanwhile also only at 59$ i guess; they are btw. with the same ES9018Q2C..

anyway, maybe its worth to give it a try/shot !! 😉 (and it would be super nice, if someone here or at the forum could write a review and post it !!)

so stay tuned for now, more things definitively to come,

many greets !! 😉

(and sorry for the color-choice of some text, wordpress changed to „block-mode“ 😉 , and i have to learn/work on it 😉 )


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