Volumio (now at V2.452) did it->DSD/Lock light on ES9038Q2M / Alsamixer Archphile XMOS USB Audio etc..

so, 😉
after i tested “Archphile” with the Skysong-Xmos-USB-interface and still don´t know how to limit the DSD-rate to the DAC/-combo (it uses 705600 but the ES9038Q2M doesnt support it, i got only a heavy white noise), tried everything in the /etc/mpd.conf; i used again “Volumio” as it said in one of their forums something about their DSD-native/DoP-compatibilty..
so let it run and hooray, the DSD-Led on the ES9038Q2M + the DSD-indication on the skysong-bridge were lit !!

(hadn´t got the DSD-indication before afaik).

wonderful, true DSD/DoP-sound !! 😉

had used foobar2000 with the Asio-driver/DSD-processor, the singxer audio-panel said:”Asio active(PCM-mode)-352800khz sample-rate”, see 2 posts before, but meanwhile i think it was converted !! to PCM- (with soxr by example) >because i hadnt got the DSD-led on and it wasnt not such a great improvement to “normal” PCM..
now with volumio it sounds absolutely fantastic, absolutely real DSD-“sound” !! (“real” DoP)

by that i´ve think meanwhile “Archphile” is for the really high-end USB-DACS->384khz,768KHz (and above); think its about the “Arch-linux ARM”-kernel/core..
also u got a wonderful “Alsamixer-volume and master-clock”-mixer for the XMOS-USB-audio interface (with the command “alsamixer”)->

also interesting in Volumio is that if use the “resample-option” in the settings it affects also the “DoP-chain”->set at 384khz resample/sox/very high, got my red light (PCM) on the bridge on and no DSD-light on the ES9038Q2M..
interesting II. is that u can resample up to 768khz (in Volumio) and u can hear something (but heavy white-noised) on the ES9038Q2M although somebody posted it can only play/(is capable of) up to 384khz in “asynchron-mode”; but i heard here something..->

greets for and more to come !! 😉

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  • So are you saying you are able to play DSD dsf files of 2.82Mhz using Volumio in DoP mode with NO resampling and the DAC still plays music instead of a loud white noise? My 9038Pro DAC shows 2.82,hz locked but all I hear is white noise.

    • hi there,
      i don´t want to “stick one’s neck out” (german phrase, excuse me i´m no native english speaker) but as far as i know (or remind) is that i only (the first time) had the (red) “DSD-lock”-light ON (and hearing normal sound/tune/music, not distorted or “white-noised” of course) was with/in volumio and the “Allo Katana”-settings (< - UPDATE II: it couldnt be the “Allo-Katana”-settings cause i used the “XMOS Audio USB”-settings, see at the bottom of this comment; huh, but thats also a little bit difficult, cause i also remind that it had something to do with the “Allo Katana”-settings-> which could also be a sign that it could also work directly means Pi->I2S->Es9038Q2M, hmm (look at the bottom of this comment) )as you see in the screenshots..)
      i hadnt got the dsd-lock-light on before, not in foobar (although DSD-transcoder,foo-asio and such), it displays 352khz at foobar but the lock light wasnt on or other audio-distros, moode,picoreplayer and such..
      unfortunately i do not know now if i had the ES9038Q2M directly connected to the Pi or to the XMOS-bridge..on the pictures it looks like it was connected to the xmos-bridge and the screenshot in this post also says: “XMOS USB AUDIO” so i guess at this point/time i had the Pi->over usb to the >xmos-bridge ->i2s->ES9038Q2M..
      but i thought also later about exactly this question/your question and now in reminding it a little bit, it looks like the connection mentioned above (again): Pi-usb to bridge -> via i2s to the ES9038Q2M was the one for this setting..
      i don´t know for sure if i had these “DSD-lock-light on” via the direct PI->I2S->ES9038Q2M..

      but many thx for asking for now !, (but it was possible as u see on the one picture 😉 )
      and many greets 😉
      (Update I: yes, and i think at that time i thought about the linux-usb audio driver thing and only volumio had a “special” or up-to-date linux-usb-audio driver “implementation”; at that time only archphile and volumio used the “newest” driver..Moodeaudio hadnt got it at that time, but i think meanwhile they implemented it too (and now also other audio-distros i guess)
      so, in answering your question, i guess u need a/the right usb-bridge for this)

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