Hooray !! Essabre-90xx-rpi teamed up with “Allo”..;-)

so, 😉
nothing spectacular new, essabre-90xx-rpi has now “teamed-up” with Allo.com,

where u can buy such nice things like the “Allo Katana DAC”, LINK

or some “Vana-Player” for example; LINK

or the phenomenal “Kali-Reclocker” (64€ (incl.shipping)); LINK

and also some accessoires like this 5V power supply (3A) 13€ (inkl.shipping)..; LINK

will try to make some “deal” with them that u as a essabre-90xx-rpi member or visitor get some kind of “voucher”-code or discount or similar..
greets for now 😉

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