SACD_extract / difference between Philips and Sony .dsf/.dsdiff-files

so, 😉

as i wanted to play finally my .dsf/.dff-files on the Sony BDP-S7200 (via USB, not to mention over DLNA) i®ve got always a „file is corrupt or wrong media-format“ (->

found then by chance an article in which is written that the files has to be „flagged“ (more or less) as a Sony or Philips .dsf-file..

on they say:“Sony SACD-Format is DSF, Philips SACD-Format is DFF“ , donÂŽt know if this is true/right but this leads me to the „sacd-extract.exe“ + GUI in which u can checkbox „Output as Philips dsdiff-file“ or „Output as Sony .dsf-file“..->

did it, and voilĂĄ:->it works !!“ 😉

u can get the „sacd_extract.exe“ (- from here->

(direct-link Win64-> or here->

the according GUI is here->

(now in V1.5.0.1; they changed the gui a little bit)->

(also here->

okay, listen now to the .dsf-files but heavy white noised because of now little connection problems over I2S between the hdmi-extractor + ES9038Q2M, but will solder new I2S-sockets on it, weÂŽll see..

so many greets for now + much more to come !! 😉