Wonderful pics -> DIY-project by Terry (ES9038Q2M+Kali reclocker) + LME49720 impressions + ESP32S

first, 😉
here is some beautiful pic by „Terry“ again on his DIY-audio project (an ES9038Q2M+Kali reclocker i guess); wonderfulst !!
also the attached TFTLCD-solution->the layout of the screen and so on..
a treasure chest on ideas for other user in building their own DACs !! fabulous !! so many thx again !! (we´ll maybe get more pictures in future !)

the LME49720 just arrived; i tested it here on an ES9028Q2M (DietPi-ympd, I-Sabre-k2M overlay):
for me too „thin„; it had a lot of air and liveliness/agility but absolutely, as said: „thin“..
after i put my Muses8920 back in i´ve got the feel: thats really hi-fi (with the Muses.)
but meanwhile thats all „whining“ on a high level and it really depends on your personal taste (on this high level->one wants to have more „push“, prefered more „rock“, the other one prefered more „classical“ music/tune and so on..)..
but nevertheless i would prefer the Muses8920 in comparison to the LME49720 by 15-20% 😉
(had not the possibility here right now to check it against the OPA2134/NE5532)..

the Geekcreit ESP32S arrived here yesterday (Link) (5,50€); 2 cores, wlan b/g/n, bluetooth on board, 4 !! spi-s and so on..think about how to use it for the DAC-control (spi-display,source-selection,filter-settings, HW-volume etc.)..

greets for now 😉

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  • 36/5000
    But in DSD with Kali? It’s possible?

  • hmm..interesting question !!
    must thought about it it twice, but u r truly right..
    in front of the picture we have the kali with the lock-light on and in the back we have this „DSD-display“ !!
    i or u (?) could ask Terry..
    (register at the forum and sent him a message; same name there: „Terry“..)
    but many thx for asking !! and many greets !!

  • For me it’s a DSD256 file but after Kali … the DAC plays it in PCM 😉

  • Actually, It’s DSD playing using Dop in a modified version of Moode4.
    But I must admit, I didn’t hear real difference between DSD to PCM conversion and Dop.
    Maybe, the kali converts signal to pcm anyways. I’m not an expert.

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