ES9038 Q2M: Driver/audio settings in MoodeV4Beta/on Dietpi..

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many thx to „Blackbear“ over at the
and because of min. 80% !! of the visitors here on the blog a searching for ES9038Q2M-related info, here are some results on his „research“:
In MoodeV4Beta on Dietpi he uses the „Audiophonics ES9028Q2M„-audio-settings..(for the ES9038Q2M)

„..Hello, in dietpi i had selected no driver = just left rpi-2835 (I left it without change after installation…), but in moode driver selection i choosed audiophonics 9028q2m, so it is strange that Moode takes control over dietpi driver (now I am thinking about it…) ? but it works, also tried to switch in dietpi config onto i-sabre-2km driver then restart and no sound so then i had to go into moode driver and to select audiophoincs 9028q2m, tehn reboot and it works again…strange..“

greets for now..

Link-tip:>very, very interesting articles about 9028/38pro-chips, STM32F103C8T6/Arduino – Audio in general..

so, 😉
although i´ve got the feel that this site is well known by a lot of people, here again:
its mainly known for the TFT-Hifiduino code, but there are meanwhile very,very interesting articles about Audio-DIY; for example a very good tutorial to bring this STM32F103C8T6-„Bluepill“ to work->

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or maybe this new article/post:“Arduino controlled Dual Mono AK4490 DAC (Part 2)“->
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take a look there->very interesting (and basically the same „topics“ as here 😉 )